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welcome to my blog !


My name ish Arisa Mitsuharu Photobucket
Riritsu,Uni,Arisa,Mitsu,Panda Photobucket
14 years old from 「Kobe,Japan」!





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(o ・ω ・o) ♫ ふふふ~
(・ω・)ノ new day ♪
o(^▽^)o dance dance . .
 (*゜▽゜ノ school life
☆ lalala //
(*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆busy monday !
(・ω・)/ Finally!

(o ・ω ・o) ♫ ふふふ~

I was busy the last few da
ys with dance & vocal practices and art supplementary lessons !
But i decided to blog today again , ふふふ~

Demo, demo, there wasn't school for the junior high today `ne ! But our maths sensei : Asaka Sensei gave us work

But, riritsu had to go to school for art supplementary. Riritsu drew Megurine Luka 「巡りルァ」、tell me what chuu think !

Riritsu is drawing Hatsune Miku (summer version) now
はい、tomorrow my class has physical education and have to take measurements
I hope i grow , and lost weight ! お願いします!

I cant wait for the anime festival `ne !




21:47 |
(・ω・)ノ new day ♪

Nyello !

I went to Kinokuniya Bookshoppe and bought a manga to read `ne !

Nanami's package before it was sent :

Nyehehe ! I hope she likes it !
Anyway, i had a haircut today `tsuu !

Just a touch up

One of my cat :

I will miss Nanami - chan ! ♪


23:18 |
o(^▽^)o dance dance . .

School was boring today
Demo, the worst is riritsu failed english test
I wonder how report to parents at the night

Riritsu could left school early because we had dance training and it was important

Because Hitomi-chan was in the same class as riritsu, we took bus to the dance studio

Anyway, after reaching, got change and danced ! Hip hop & ballet
It lasted for 5 hours demo riritsu loved dancing `pyon !

Riritsu outfit for dance

Riritsu so ugly

Stuff-ies for Nanami-chan !


sakura soap..

something secret..

Riritsu Nanami
アリサ ♥ 七海


19:37 |
 (*゜▽゜ノ school life


We had school today as usual

I took the bus with
nobody ..suprisingly so i read manga on the way 

When i reached school and walked towards middle school , i saw Hitomi & Ayumi waiting for me
so i ran towards them

Anyway, we had our maths test back and riritsu's heart was pounding ..like boom boom BOOMZ so riritsu prayed to Mr Kami-sama ..

Then riritsu heard the teacher calling '' Mitsuharu Arisa chan '' , so riritsu ran to her and collected the test paper `ne ! (riritsu's face)

When i got back to my seat, i looked at it..YATTA ! Riritsu had 44.5/50 !

Nyehehe ! Went back home that day with Ayumi-san

I love Nanami Akiyama `pyon !


0:31 |
☆ lalala //

lalala //

Had school today in the m

We had maths test today

Luckily, Riritsu studied last night

After school , we had vocal tests ! Scary We had to sing 3 songs solo
1) First Kiss (ああ!) 2) Momoiro Sparkling (C-ute) 3) Kiss Me 愛してる (C-ute)

It was by age order, so i went 5th

After vocal test, i went home with Ayumi-chan
We chatted and laughed !

Did homework (japanese) while watching TV ! Finally finished it and had dinner !
Chatted with Nanami, makes riritsu happy

Nanami 's package :

I luffe luffe Nanami Akiyama ♥
She's the best for me & in my heart always !

Riritsu feels shy


23:01 |